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An Organized Office Leads to Good Time Management

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’ve been in business for years, you will always be able to manage your time more efficiently when you have an organized office. Paper Tiger Filing System Software is a system for office organization, which is being used in companies of all sizes, ages and types. Employees [...]

17 Ways to Get Organized with Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger can help you get organized, from paper files: to boxes in your garage or storage shed: and lots more! Since the time Paper Tiger Filing System Software for document management was first developed to provide users Internet-like search access to the information stored in their file cabinets, we have found over the years [...]

Organizing Books – Do You Know What You Have?

There are a lot of people these days reading books on their tablets or other e-reader devices, however some of us still like to own physical books. Even if you’re reading on your electronic device now, you may still have a personal library of books that you want to hold on to – maybe of [...]

Is January Get Organized Month for You?

The new year is a great time to think of ways that you can improve your life — Getting Organized most always lands in the top 10 lists of New Year Resolutions. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) named January “Get Organized Month” or “GO Month” to increase awareness of the importance of getting organized and to [...]

Get Organized Before Traveling

Have you ever been on the road traveling and discovered you needed a file from your office? If you have your own system of filing, it could be a challenge to send someone to your office to look for what you need. And if your filing system consists of stacks on every flat surface of [...]

Getting Organized for the Holidays is Easier with Paper Tiger

Are you already organized or do you need to get organized before the busyness of the next couple of months go in full swing? Yes, it’s that time of year again, already! Time to get the house spruced up for the fall and winter holidays that you and your family recognize and celebrate. Fall and/or [...]

Is getting organized a priority for you?

Based on a past American Express survey of small business owners, “getting organized” ranked among the top three priorities for new years resolution plans. Let’s face it, getting organized is one thing, but staying organized all throughout the year is another. So if “getting organized” is such a priority for people, why do so many [...]

Organizing Lessons for Accomplishing More

Regardless of whether you are running a business, clearing the clutter in your home or office, planning your family vacation, searching for a new job, or preparing for a move, getting organized is key. Juggling your life activities can be overwhelming, but  Paper Tiger Filing System software is a great place to start with your [...]

Indexing for Filing System Efficiency and Retrieval

Getting organized to better manage what you keep is imperative, whether it be paper files, contents of binders, or what’s in the file room or boxes in the basement, so that retrieving an item in a timely manner is efficient. To be able to work more efficiently is simply less stressful! Many companies have one [...]

Organizing Mistakes You May Be Making

Organization is a major issue that many people face in both their homes and offices. If you have a filing system in place and are filing your paper documents, but you still can’t find anything, you may be making one of following mistakes that keep you from being as productive and efficient as you could [...]

Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Do you have trouble managing a home office? Add the kids and their activities, along with your busy schedule, and the managing with efficiency gets more difficult. Things get left undone, and the piles of paperwork, mail, magazines, kids’ artwork, not to mention all the stuff totally unrelated that finds a place on your desk [...]

Clear the Clutter to Reduce Stress

Do you feel like you are the only person that has clutter and don’t have any idea what to do about it? Well, you’re not alone! If you Google-search ‘statistics on clutter’, you’ll see there are enough stats to fill up this page, but here are a few to note: The average American receives 49,060 [...]

Are you overwhelmed by clutter?

We all know that clutter can get in the way of success, peace of mind and happiness. Whether you can get it done yourself, with family members, or with an expert, getting organized and getting rid of clutter, can be accomplished. Have you lost the ability to be creative? Are you tired of losing important [...]

What does time management have to do with getting organized?

It’s no secret that there are multiple reasons we choose to get organized. More often than not, we connect being organized with being successful. The truth is, however, that one of the greatest benefits of being organized is time management. ~~~~~~~ Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” ~~~~~~~ If [...]

Converting Your Paper Filing System to Paper Tiger

Does organizing your filing system seem overwhelming? Are you thinking that converting your files to Paper Tiger filing system is just not worth it? Do you have an office full of stacks and stacks of paper to be filed and lots of file drawers to convert? Maybe the better question is, do you have trouble [...]

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