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Do You Need to Organize Your Garage?

Your garage may not look like the picture above, but remember the time when you were able to park at least one car in your two car garage? Or maybe your garage has been in a state of disarray for as long as you have owned your home. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting [...]

Organize to Find Important Documents

More and more people are keeping less paper each year, but we still have paper files that are important to keep in hard copy format. Not only is it important to keep these paper files, but just as important is the ability to retrieve them when you need them. Do you need to get it [...]

Turn Your Filing System into a ‘Finding System”

Don’t be like this guy…turn your filing system into a finding system. Does your filing system allow you to find what you need, when you need it? It is estimated that people waste 150 hours per year just looking for lost items. Just think about the cost of 150 hours of wasted time per person. [...]

Paper Tiger Can Help with Office and Time Management

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’ve been in business for years, getting your office organized will help you with time management. Can you imagine having to search through this desk everyday to find something, or actually getting anything done? Paper Tiger Filing System Software for office organization is being used in companies [...]

Organizing to Find Things Quickly

You might have thought Paper Tiger was just for organizing paper! But actually, you can index virtually any physical object into your Paper Tiger database that you can put a number onto, such as binders and other items you have stored in boxes. Paper Tiger Filing System Software can help you get organized so you [...]

Getting Organized Doesn’t Have To Be Tough

Whether you’re organizing your desk drawers, filing cabinets, a stack of paper files, a closet, attic, or the garage, Paper Tiger Filing System software will help you get organized. You can have a system in place so you can maintain organization, and be able to live and work in an more productive environment. You may [...]

Work SMART! Get Organized with Paper Tiger

Get Organized with Paper Tiger Even thinking about what you have to do and the decisions you have to make to get organized, can be overwhelming. You might be tempted to give up before you start – but don’t! Whether you’re organizing your desk drawers, filing cabinets, a stack of paper files, a closet, attic, [...]

How Does Getting Organized Help With Time Management?

Managing paper and getting organized in any office is an overwhelming task, because there is a seemingly ever-increasing mountain of paper files. Whether you’re an individual, a small or large company, you must practice good time management and office organization techniques in order to control costs and provide excellent service. Experts agree that efficient staff [...]

Is Getting Organized a New Year’s Resolution for You?

Each year we hear the same new year’s resolutions over and over again, “I’m going to exercise more this year” or “I’ll be nicer to my family this year” or “I’m getting organized this year”, but sadly most of us drop these resolutions within the first thirty days of the year. One of the most [...]

Getting Organized for the Holidays is Easier with Paper Tiger

Are you already organized or do you need to get organized before the busyness of the next couple of months go in full swing? Yes, it’s that time of year again, already! Time to get the house spruced up for the fall and winter holidays that you and your family recognize and celebrate. Fall and/or [...]

Getting Organized into Fall

Have you started to think about getting organized for the Fall season? Labor Day is vastly approaching and it unofficially marks the end of summer! This means that you may need to trade those sandals for boots, and skirts and shorts for long pants. The end of summer also means that a storage swap needs [...]

Get Organized to Help Reduce Stress

Life can be very stressful.  Now add your clutter and disorganization to the equation and it’s even worse. Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels by helping you get organized and virtually eliminating paper clutter. We’ve compiled a list of tasks that when combined with Paper Tiger [...]

Getting Organized Before Your Vacation Starts Friday

This article from the blog of Denise Landers, founder and CEO of Key Organization Systems Inc. and a Paper Tiger Expert, offers helpful tips for getting organized and clearing your desk before going on vacation. She suggests that treating every Friday as if you were going on vacation might also be more productive for you. [...]

Paper Tiger Dives into a Season Swap for Getting Organized

Today is officially the first day of summer, and time for getting organized for all the summer activities. While there are four seasons, a season swap occurs twice a year; the transition from cold to hot weather and vice versa. It’s time to pull out bathing suits, warm weather toys and the grill among other [...]

Questions to Ask While Clearing Clutter and Getting Organized

Are you having a hard time parting with your clutter? Do you get an overwhelming feeling of dread when you think about starting to organize? If you feel like you are indecisive or simply just a hoarder, these questions will be helpful during organizing. Because Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management is not [...]

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