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2 Responses to “Paper Tiger is Easy to Set Up and Learn”

  1. cathie says:

    I have an incredible volume of ladies clothing,( enough for a store) a limited amount hung and the largest amount folded and stored in open shelving and the excess stored in boxes. I would like to create a database with paper tiger addressing each ‘type’ of item as there are boxes that would fit in each category. An example of a TYPE might be Pullover/extra long/Vneck/Solid Color/Sleeveless/

    Please give me some idea of the best way to deal with something like this as to a suggestion to whether or not I should have a number of databases maybe for each category example Tops

    Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Janet Baker says:

    This may be too much for a blog comment, but hopefully this will be helpful. Without knowing your specific set up, the below is an example of what could possibly work for you. I’ll also email you with this information, but if you need more personal help; maybe someone to come to your location to help you, please consider one of the professional organizers from our Experts page at

    You may want to have a separate database for your clothing, since you may not want search results from your clothing to come up when searching in your main database. If that is the case, create a new database for your clothing, ex: Cathie’s Clothes

    You then might have a Location named for each of the following. These are only suggestions…you name them the way you think:
    -Hanging (for the clothes in your closet you have hanging),
    -Shelving (for the clothes you have folded in open shelving)
    -Boxed (this could also be named where you have the boxes stored)

    If this is not enough Locations for how you want to organize them, then you could also have locations for your categories:
    -Extra Long
    -Solid colors

    Item # = Item Name > Keywords (keywords can also contain colors, where you bought them, something special that reminds you of the item, what it matches, etc)

    for Location named Hanging
    Hanging 1 = depending on how you want to list the items hung in your closet, you may only need 1 item in this location, and simply list the items, colors, ex: white sleeveless blouse, blue short sleeve with flowers wear with white pants, blue slacks long that needs to be worn with heels, blue slacks short, black jeans, etc.

    for Location named Shelving:
    Shelving 1 = Pullovers > summer pullovers, bottom shelf, section 1
    Shelving 2 = Vnecks > summer vnecks, bottom shelf, section 2
    Shelving 3 = Sleeveless > summer sleeveless, 2nd shelf, section 3
    Shelving 4 = Extra Long > summer extra long, 2nd shelf, section 4
    Shelving 5 = Solids > summer solid colors, top shelf, section 5
    Shelving 6 = Prints > summer prints, top shelf, section 6

    for Location named Boxed:
    Boxed 1 = Pullovers > winter pullovers
    Boxed 2 = Vnecks > winter vnecks
    Boxed 3 = Sleeveless > winter sleeveless
    Boxed 4 = Extra Long > winter extra long
    Boxed 5 = Solid colors > winter solid colors
    Boxed 6 = Prints > winter prints

    You may also want a ‘Transition’ Location for transferring your winter items from boxes to hanging and shelving; or another physical location. It would be something like this, for instance, you have your summer clothing in your closet and you’re ready to transition the summer clothing to storage and move the winter clothing in to be more accessible during October-November time.
    1. You would select all items in your Hanging location and conduct a Transfer Move to the Transition location.
    2. Then select the winter items that you want to be hung in your closet, and conduct a Transfer Move to the Hanging location.
    3. Then select the items you moved to the Transition location, and conduct a Transfer Move to the Boxed location you need them moved to.
    4. Continue through the remaining locations to conduct Transfer Moves, until you have everything transitioned the way you need them for your convenience.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you,
    Janet Baker
    The Paper Tiger Team
    US Toll Free: 866 701-1561, extension 1
    International: 404 478-6413, extension 1
    Fax: 815 331-5270

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