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What does time management have to do with getting organized?

Getting organized saves time

It’s no secret that there are multiple reasons we choose to get organized. More often than not, we connect being organized with being successful. The truth is, however, that one of the greatest benefits of being organized is time management.


Benjamin Franklin said,

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”


If you’re constantly searching for things, you are wasting time and energy. When you are organized, you’re more efficient and productive, which in turn helps you to:

-Save time

-Be more focused

-Be less stressed

-Appear more professional

-Able to meet deadlines

-Advance your business or career

-Have more free time

Of course, good time management is important both professionally and personally. It helps us accomplish what we need to do by the end of the day in order to begin the next day fresh and new. Above all, it enables us to have more free time to spend with our friends and family.

How Does Paper Tiger Help with Time Management?

Experts tell us the average person wastes 150 hours every year looking for lost information. Without an organized filing system in place, you can’t accomplish what you need to in a timely manner.

Using Paper Tiger Filing System software helps you with time management because you can always find what you need with little or no effort. This indexing system can be used to organize almost anything that is composed of multiple items, because anything that you can put a number onto, you can index into Paper Tiger. For example, you can use Paper Tiger to organize:

-Work documents, paper files, hanging file folders


-Bills and expenses

-Family medical records

Of course, it is not just for paper filing and document management:

Paper Tiger can also help you organize and inventory:

-Sports memorabilia or other treasured collections

-Holiday decorations

-Book collections

-DVDs, CDs

-Contents of storage bins, boxes

These are just a few examples to give an idea of the wide variety of things Paper Tiger can help you organize. The possibilities are endless, and the potential to get organized will be so beneficial.

Paper Tiger Filing System software can save you time and help you to be more efficient. Implementing and maintaining Paper Tiger’s database for everything you need to organize becomes the ultimate time management tool. You can stop wasting time searching for the things you need because you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it.

Go ahead, implement Paper Tiger today! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much time you will save and how much more productive you’ll be.

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2 Responses to “What does time management have to do with getting organized?”

  1. Brianna says:

    As of this summer we have two refrigerator/freezers; a deep freezer; and an upright freezer.

    Every Thursday we go to the local farmer’s market for a variety of pea’s/beans (to put in the freezers);

    On Wednesdays we do our regular grocery store shopping and buy a lot of seafood & meats,for my husband,(to be put in the freezers);

    plus, every summer we boil several bushels of peanuts (to be put in the freezers).

    All this has become a nightmare for me! I never know where anything is, just a general idea. The deep freezer is THE WORST. To access whatever is on the bottom, everything in it has to be removed. {“honey, do i have anymore cooked shrimp in the freezer?”} after i’ve hauled tons of frozen food out and peer into the frozen abyss i call out “no dear, no cooked shrimp in there. found some uncooked shrimp and two boston butts & a whole chicken i didn’t know we have though!” … then the tedious process of replacing all this heavy food back into the freezer. There’s been a couple of times some smaller items were overlooked and the next day i find them sitting out thawed and ruined. I shake my head in despair over the wasted money i’m throwing into the trashcan, muttering to myself “there has got to be a better way!”

    So in addition to my high hopes of getting my papers under control with the Paper Tiger system, i have just as high hopes i can use the system to get these freezers under control (somewhat anyway …)
    Thanks for ‘listening’ and wish me luck :-)

  2. Janet Baker says:

    Thank you for comments! We do wish you luck in organizing and inventorying your freezer. Please give us an update with details of how you accomplished this ‘monumental’ task. We look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Janet Baker with the Paper Tiger team

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