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Top 4 Ways an Indexing System Can Improve Your Business

Every business continues to look for ways to improve the way they operate. The ultimate goal of a successful business is to keep the customers satisfied. Improving the functionality, customer service and organization are all small ways that work together to make the company able to keep customers
happy and coming back for repeat business.

What you may not already realize is how keeping your company organized with something as seemingly simple as an indexing system can help improve upon your business and the way it operates.

While the following list includes four ways Paper Tiger Filing System software can improve your business, there are plenty more than this.

1. Keep All Staff Members on the Same Page

Trying to make sure everyone in a business or office is able to find certain merchandise or documents can cause a great deal of hassle when your business is not organized in a way that everyone knows where everything is so they can find what they need when they need it and then replace the item back where it belongs. This can be especially true of new hires, and this frustration can even lead to high turnover rates. If any employee can locate an item or file by conducting a Google-like search in the indexing system database, this cuts down on time and keeps your business running that much more smoothly and efficiently.

2. Indexing System Helps with Loss Prevention

Whether you simply need to keep up with supplies for your office or other types of supplies to conduct your business or you have product stock that you need to keep track of, doing inventory on a regular basis helps a business be aware of how accurate their inventory lists are compared to what is actually in stock. Having an organized indexing system makes doing regular inventory checks that much easier. Too many businesses put off doing this type of inventory check at all because it can be time consuming, but it isn’t if you use a system to keep track of all of your merchandise. This helps cut down on internal theft and also keeps your records updated so you never have to cancel an order because the ordered merchandise isn’t actually in stock. When you lose one sale because you ran out of inventory and had to contact the buyer, you more than likely lose that customer for all future orders too. All of these can really begin to add up, not to mention cause your business to get negative feedback, which can have a huge impact. If you keep your indexing system current every time you add or remove merchandise you can eliminate the problem of running out of something and not knowing in enough time to reorder.

3. Indexing System to Make Getting Organized Easily Maintained

With Paper Tiger, whether you are organizing your paper files in your filing cabinets or you’re organizing your office supplies, you can index anything that you can put a number onto because Paper Tiger is not just document management software. Having a system in place that gets your business organized will help you and your staff so you won’t have to waste time searching for things because you all don’t think the same way. Following are other ways that Paper Tiger can help alleviate the problems of disorganization and help staying organized easier to maintain for the entire staff:

  • Remembering where you’ve put something – Have you ever put something in one place, then the next time you need it, you’ve forgotten where that place was?
  • Do you have one person in your office that knows where everything is and then you’re in trouble when that person has to be out of the office for any length of time or worse yet, leaves the company? With Paper Tiger, anyone in the office can search the database to find an item.
  • If more than one person shares the files, everyone may think of the files differently, so there could be different names for the same types of files, which can cause duplication in your file cabinets (each with part of the information on a particular subject), but also causes lost productivity when staff members have to search for the needed file under different names. With traditional filing systems, you only have the one or two keywords on the file folder tab, but with Paper Tiger, you can input as many keywords as the file or item could be called, so you’re not limited to what fits on the tab.
  • It’s quite a task when you run out of space in the “A” drawer, you have to move everything down to make more room. Since Paper Tiger doesn’t rely on filing alphabetically, new items are indexed into the first available open file folder. For example, you toss documents from one file folder, that file is open for the next new document or set of documents)
  • When paper needs to move to archives, it will be difficult to find, but when you already have the items indexed, it’s a simple matter of transferring the items in the database to the new ‘location’ and then moving the physical files to the archives location.

4. Make Bookkeeping Easier

No one likes tax time, but it happens each year regardless. Whether you have your own bookkeeper, use an accountant or plan to file yourself , you can have everything you need when it comes time by keeping records organized with an indexing system. You can locate all the paper work when it comes
time to file, including employee payroll records and expenses. Also, should the need ever arise, if you are audited, you will be able to locate all the documentation needed to make it go smoothly.

Make your business the very best it can be by getting your indexing system set up and working for you today. Take a look at our article Customize Your Filing System with Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method and our Not Just for Filing Paper page to help you see the filing system possibilities. Getting organized can seem like a daunting task to tackle, but once you get started, it isn’t as troublesome as you may originally think. Once you have Paper Tiger Filing System software in place, it will make your life that much easier. Get organized today, and you can truly start noticing the benefits.

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