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Recording: November 3rd Paper Tiger Expert Webinar

Strategize & Organize, Productivity Expert

During this webinar, Anne demonstrated how to get started with Paper Tiger Online filing system software, such as describing what is a Database, creating a Location, creating Items, printing labels for your items. Anne demonstrated a work-flow example by filing items from her inbox through the life-cycle of document management to help you use Paper Tiger more effectively to get organized, be more productive, and Find Anything In Your Office In 5 Seconds or Less…Guaranteed!

As information, Anne is a professional speaker, productivity expert, professional organizer and author. If you want to learn more about Anne and her services, please visit her website at  She may be in Arizona, but she’s nationally recognized as an expert and works with people throughout the US in person and virtually.

See more information here on Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management

You can contact Anne at or by phone at 303 881-0174.

Filing System Q&A from the Webinar

Q: Do you think its best to have one point person to triage all files in an office or to allow everyone to do their own filings?
A: This depends on your staff, the way your office works, and how your office has access to Paper Tiger. Of course, the more accessible that everyone has to office files, the more productive the office will be. If your office has one point person, then the office will be depending on that person to be available when a file is needed.

Q: How much is your coaching program?
A: Anne is currently offering a special to all Paper Tiger customers for a limited time for $297 (for a 30 day program) and includes 60 minute weekly coaching calls and unlimited quick email questions.

Q: What is the cost for Anne’s book?
A: The cost for Anne’s book, Lost in Your Own Office, is $12.95 plus s&h.

Q: I am in a housing development office with many files, eg. finance will comprise numerous government financing sources and construction files.  It sounds like this system is geared more toward home offices.  Speak more toward real offices.
A: Of course, Paper Tiger can be used in any kind of office, home, small business or large corporation. The basic concept of setting up a filing system is the same across all industries no matter how small or large your office is. You will always have Action Files (those files that need action either short-term or ongoing permanent action files) and you will always have reference files in your filing cabinets. That’s why we recommend starting with naming your Locations within Paper Tiger, Action and Reference. Then depending on how your office operates, how your staff wants the paper files organized, and the amount of files you have for specific categories, will depend on other Location names within your database. For instance, larger companies would most likely have a Location specifically for Human Resources or Personnel/Employee Records. Additional Location names could be Invoices, Expenses, Utilities, Insurance, Software, Community Service, etc. The different Locations will depend on how much you want to separate or differentiate your files. Our blog post ‘Customize Your Filing System with Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method‘ might be helpful to further explain and give you more ideas.

Q: Are there any presentations that can be made to an office of potential users?
A: We have several videos on our website provided to you for free Paper Tiger filing system software training. In addition, you can contact Anne if you would like her to come into your office to speak to your staff and provide personal training.

Q: I have a very old version. Can I upgrade or do I have to purchase a whole new program, and then transfer the database?  How easy is the file transfer?
A: Yes, if you decide to stay with the desktop version of Paper Tiger, you can purchase an upgrade from our website by going to our Pricing page, then choose the platform DESKTOP (on your PC) button, then choose Professional upgrade or Network upgrade and be able to convert your database.

In addition, this would be a great time to switch to Paper Tiger Online. There would be no software to install and you would be able to access Paper Tiger from any computer wherever you are. If you decide to switch, you would simply choose the monthly or yearly subscription for the Pro plan.

It is usually very simple to convert the database to either version, but if you have trouble, our tech support team will be able to assist you.

Q: Evidently the newer versions have features not available on my version…  very cool.
A: Thank you! Yes, and we hope to continue to make Paper Tiger Online even better with additional enhancements.

Q: What do you do when a folder becomes too full?
A: You can either simply insert another hanging file folder in front of the one that has become to full and have the same Paper Tiger Item Number on both (to keep it in the same place) or you can decide if you might need to purge some of the paper files in that folder. If some of the paper files in that folder are from a previous year, it might be that you can archive the previous year’s files to an Archive Location. They would still be available if you needed them but not in your more frequent reference files.

Q: How do you file new items in same, existing folder?
A: You would select the Item that you want to insert new items into, then click the Edit button. You’ll then be able to type in additional keywords relating to the new items.

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