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Recording: August 28th Paper Tiger Webinar with Nancy Hagan

Effective Day

During this webinar, Nancy Hagan of Effective Day demonstrated how to get started with Paper Tiger Online. In addition to demonstrating examples requested during webinar registrations, Nancy demonstrated work-flow examples by filing items from her inbox to help you use Paper Tiger Filing System Software for document management more effectively to get organized and be more productive.

Nancy also presented how to organize things other than paper files, such as books, bank box, and storage boxes. She also demonstrated how the search from Paper Tiger Online works with the Digital Tiger function activated.

Please visit to learn more about Nancy and the services she provides, and click here see her Productivity Coaching special. You can contact Nancy at 513 899-9949 or email at

To learn more about Paper Tiger and Digital Tiger, visit

Filing System Q&A from the Webinar

Q: How many separate locations can I have in each database and how many databases can I create?
A: if you have the free or Basic plan, you are limited to how many, but if you have the Pro plan or one of the multi-user plans, you are basically unlimited as to locations within a database and how many databases you can have.

However, you would only want multiple databases if you do not want to search across them because Paper Tiger only searches within the database that you’re in. It does not search across databases. Having different databases is only advantageous if you want to keep different filing systems separate and do not want to search for all files in all databases at one time. For example, if you have an Office database and a Home database, you do not want items to pop up from your Office database when conducting a search for an item in your Home database.

Q: Please explain what Categories are for.
A: “Category” is a word or words you may use to classify groups of related folders or items. Paper Tiger allows you to file information physically one way, but easily organize files virtually in a totally different way using Categories.

For example, you may use the Category “Benefits” to classify the folders relating to “Stock Options,” and “Day Care.” The Category, “Bills” may include “Utility bills”, “Car repair bills” e.t.c. The Category “Self-Help” might include all your books that relate to self-help or motivation.

Q: So when I assign Categories to files, the files become searchable by Category and keywords?
A: The category title you assign is not searchable, but there is a button for Category (beside the Location button) that you can click on and Paper Tiger brings up a list of your Categories similar to your Locations list. You can then choose the category you want to see all the items that you’ve assigned to that one.

Q: Oh also when you are in the Categories list, and you click on the category that you want to see all the items, can you search within that?
A: No, when you search from the search bar, Paper Tiger searches all of the database, not just within the category you’ve chosen. However, once search results come up, you can sort by the Category column.

Q: After you set up a Location, you say you might add 200 items. I would assume those items are files in the drawer. Can you branch off one of those items to say in this item there are these files? I’m confused as to after you add the 200 items or hanging folders, how do you say what is in the hanging folder if there is say 10 different papers in the folder that deals with that hanging folder.
A: The 200 items would coincide with the hanging file folders in your drawers. You can add keywords for each item in Paper Tiger that relates to as many documents that you have in a single hanging file folder. So if you have 10 different papers in a single hanging file folder, you would input as many keywords as necessary relating to the 10 different papers. That being said, if your hanging file folder contains your monthly cable bills, you would only need keywords for the entire folder not necessarily for each monthly bill unless there is something that you want to remember about a specific bill.

Q: What if in the hanging folder there are 2 manila folders that deal with the one hanging folder, but are separate from each other. Is the only way to say what is in the hanging folder in the keywords or can you have a tree that has a title for each manila folder, then you can say what is in each manila folder so you know they are in the same hanging folder, but separate from each other?
A: What I do in this instance, is number each manilla folder, and then when inputting keywords for each, I would for example, Item Name might be Paper Tiger Training and manilla folders would be numbered to coincide with the number I input into the keywords section, i.e.: 1. Paper Tiger single user instructions, 2. multi-user instructions, 3. database information, 4. etc.

Q: How does Paper Tiger compare to Evernote?
A: Evernote is a different kind of tool in which you can save notes, ideas, things you like, hear, see and other things that you want to remember or have in one place.

Q: Would the digital files feature work with Microsoft Live accounts (SkyDrive)?
A: No, our Digital Tiger function connects Paper Tiger Online to Google Docs or Google Drive through a Google app or Gmail account.  Click here to go to our blog post for how to get started with Digital Tiger, where you can view 2 screen casts that show how Digital Tiger works and a demonstration of using the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500.

Q: What is the name of the scanner you mentioned?
A: Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500

Q: Do I need to hit save after I edit something and if so, where is the save button?
A: In the Edit box, you do need to save your changes. You should see Save Changes button in the lower left corner of the Edit box.


Nancy Hagan of Effective Day, works with business people who want to be more effective and productive, focus on their highest priorities and be free to do what they do best! Effective Day provides Organizing and Productivity Coaching, Consulting, Workshops and Products for busy people who want to make the most of their day and enjoy their life.

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