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Paper Tiger Filing System in the Office Can Prevent Melt Downs and Disasters

Office Meltdown

Office Meltdown

In today’s business environment, your staff (or you individually) must be very productive and not waste time on such things as looking for files. Disorganization is a major cause of stress in offices. Being really organized and streamlined is no longer an option, but rather a requirement for business survival. In addition, if you have staff turnover and lose your administrator – who would really know how everything is filed?

Imagine that you are a busy executive with an office staff of around twenty people. Of those, three people are in total control of the entire filing system, handling all of the paper that comes in and out of the office. These three people all work well as a team, but there are some issues with others in the office. Interoffice politics are starting to come into play. One of the three people has decided that she is not appreciated and she leaves without any kind of warning. There are now only two people who are handling the filing system for the office.

One week later, one of the remaining two people announces that she has a family emergency to take care of and goes out on an immediate and potentially long-term leave. The remaining person is given one person to train, which means that while there were once three people doing this job, there is now only one; and in addition, she gets the extra work of training someone.

This is where Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management comes in. This filing system would not leave you relying on just one person or even a team of people for your filing or retrieval needs. Everyone can have access to the same database of indexed files from anywhere that they have internet service. Working with this type of office filing system means that you can have access to all of the “papers” (including books, contracts and other items that may be more difficult to deal with because Paper Tiger does not require scanning) and files that you need and that you can give all of your team members the same advantage as well. You can access the database and know exactly where the item you are looking for is located.

People are not the only cause of filing system break downs, though. Duplicating files is common when you’re not indexing your paper files in filing system software. People in an office environment can file things in very different ways. Actually, the same person can file things in a different way on different days – depending on how they are thinking and feeling that day.

Also the more you have to shuffle through your hanging folders, the more likely there will be to have some damage to those files that will require replacement, therefore costing additional expense. Instead of doing the dig and shuffle, you will know exactly where your item is with a simple Google-like search in the software’s database.

You can save as much as 150 hours of time each year, and that alone should be worth the consideration. Every minute that you save can be as much as a dollar earned by you, so always do whatever you can to get organized and declutter and prevent office disasters. Your office will be less stressful, and so much more productive.

By using Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management, your business will have an index of all your paper document resources, just like you have a chart of accounts for your accounting. This will allow you and your staff to focus your time on more productive efforts and greatly reduce stress in the office!



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2 Responses to “Paper Tiger Filing System in the Office Can Prevent Melt Downs and Disasters”

  1. Justin Harris says:

    Very informative post. Your current Website style is awesome as well!

  2. I used to supervise the filing department for a fairly large organization. During the busy season we had temps to help out with the backlog and they often didn’t understand the system – filing company names as if they were individual names (ie Merrill Lynch under L as if it were a surname). I can see that Paper Tiger would have completely eliminated that problem – saving much time and aggravation trying to find those misfiled documents!

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