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Paper Tiger Can Help with Office and Time Management

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’ve been in business for years, getting your office organized will help you with time management. Can you imagine having to search through this desk everyday to find something, or actually getting anything done?

Paper Tiger Filing System Software for office organization is being used in companies of all sizes, ages and types. When Paper Tiger has been implemented, employees won’t be wasting time searching for paper files when they could be doing things that are much more productive because they can find what they need, when they need it, thus saving money while increasing productivity.

Office Organization for Your Paper Files

Paper Tiger allows companies to maintain their paper files that they need to keep in hard copy format. Simply index your paper files into Paper Tiger’s database by typing in the item name and any additional keywords that relate to your documents, and use the power of the software to quickly and easily find the information when you need it. You can index anything with Paper Tiger; it’s not just document management! Some things just can’t be scanned, i.e., passports, contracts, binders, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. That cannot be done with systems that require scanning into an electronic file. The beauty of Paper Tiger is that keywords allow everyone to find the document that might have been named many ways by many employees.

Time Management Is Important

No matter how large or small a company, time management is a must. It is costly to your business when people aren’t organized and productive. Experts say that the average person spends over 150 hours per year, just looking for lost information. Some estimates are even higher! Searching for files is a huge waste of time, especially when there is Paper Tiger Filing System Software to make the job faster and easier. The less time one has to spend searching for files, the more time can be spent doing things that are actually fruitful. The better you and your employees are at maintaining an organized office and managing time, the more efficient your company.

Click here to calculate your cost of being disorganized, and you’ll see in a matter of seconds that your return on investment using Paper Tiger will quickly allow you to get organized and be more productive. Imagine the satisfaction and reduced stress of being able to put your fingers on what you need, when you need it! And Paper Tiger is not just for filing paper … you can index into the software’s database any physical item that you can put a number onto. An organized and productive system will help you manage your time more wisely.

Allow Paper Tiger to help with your office organization to save time and money.

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