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Commit to Declutter in the New Year and Get Organized!

Overwhelming Stacks of Paper Files

This year, stick to the resolution to declutter your life by getting truly organized. It’s probably a task you have been putting off for ages because it seems like such an overwhelming task, yet can be such a simple thing to accomplish. It’s all about taking the first steps to get started. The first step is making the commitment to clear the clutter in your home, office or personal space, so that your life will begin to be less stressful and productive. Before you know it, you’ll actually have more time for yourself.

Eliminate the frustration you experience every time you try to locate an important document and cannot find it amidst the disorganized mess acting as your “filing system.” We receive calls and emails all the time from people telling us that they have stacks and stacks of files that is causing more stress than it’s worth and need help getting organized. Paper Tiger Filing System software helps companies, non-profits, government agencies, professionals and individuals all over the world get control of something they hate…filing the paper on their desk & in their office, and can help with the life-cycle of document management, but it’s Not Just For Filing Paper.

Reduce the stress and anxiety you are probably feeling without even realizing it from having your home or office in disarray. Make this year the year you completely organize your life.

How to Get Started

To stop the overwhelming feeling of getting started with a serious organizational system, start by making a plan of action — a step-by-step list of what to do and how to do it. Set goal dates for each step of your organizing process, and schedule time on your calendar for each step.

Working with paper files, documents and other items that traditionally get put into a filing system, you can start by going through one stack at a time, and decide what needs to be kept, which of these files are actionable and which ones just need to be filed for future reference, and which items should be tossed. Then index the paper files by typing in any possible keywords that could be used for each file so you can retrieve the item when needed by conducting a Google-like search in the database. Paper Tiger will assign a file number for each hanging file folder to match the item number in the database. You can add to those items in the database by simply editing the item and adding any new keywords relating to the new document being filed, and place it in the correlating file folder.

Of course for some people, the only way to make it happen is scheduling the time on the calendar, and simply diving in and getting the job done.

Whatever approach works for you is the best way to start, but just make sure to actually get started. By making and committing to a plan, you ensure that you will stick to your resolution. Please also take a look at our article Customize Your Filing System with Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method to help you see the filing system possibilities.

Using a Document Management System to Get Organized

Using a document management system is the best way to get and stay organized. The great thing is, you can use this same type of organizational system for things other than paper filing. Typically, you use an indexing system to control your document management system, but this same method can be used for almost anything causing clutter in your home or office. If it can be cataloged and numbered, it can be organized by using Paper Tiger’s indexing system.

If you want to organize other items in addition to paper files, you can start by separating these things into boxes or bins, whatever is appropriate for the types of things that you’re organizing. Using the same approach as with your paper files … go through the items and decide what needs to be kept and which items should be tossed, given away, or collected in a box for a yard sale.

Whether it is your DVD collection, books, even your seasonal decorations, you should use this opportunity to get rid of or sell the ones you no longer need.

From here, you use the indexing system to type in any possible keywords that could be used for each physical item you’re indexing so you can retrieve the item when needed by conducting a Google-like search in the database. You would affix an item number label to the item or box to match the item number in the database.

With Paper Tiger Filing System software, you have a document management system that will enable you to finally declutter and live an organized life. You will be able to find what you need, when you need it and be more productive, less stressed and have more time for yourself in no time!

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