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5 Ways to Deal with Paper…

There are several options for dealing with paper:

1. Trash it (come on, man – trash/recycle it) This is the best filing system ever invented. Should you ever need it again and you can find it later, then put it in ‘file 13′- the trash/recycle can.

2. Can’t trash all the paper in your life, well okay, then stack it. I know your mom told you to keep a ‘clean desk’ but if it works, why change it?

3. So if stacking is becoming a problem (either an image problem or you really are spending too much time finding stuff) and you need to look beyond the stacks for a better way! WAIT – I know what you are thinking – the alphabetic method stinks – come on, use a computer – it is the 21st century you know. Wouldn’t you like to find your paper files as fast as you find information on Google? You can spend over 150 hours per year just looking for lost information.

4. Are you still with me? Okay, you have just two options left and they both are pretty cool. The first is Scan it! If you like it, great, but realize the problems. Scanning allows you to easily share information, get rid of the paper (as long as you are not afraid of the scanning system crashing – you could lose everything!), more easily find the information you are looking for, reduce purchases for file cabinets, etc. There are many advantages, not the least of which is the office looks and feels more streamlined.

However, scanning is not without problems and it is important that you understand the risks involved before committing to this option. There are some problems with scanning – many documents cannot be easily scanned (bound material, original contracts, non-standard shapes/textures, etc.) Scanning documents can be very time consuming, and documents are stapled or bound, documents have handwritten “sticky notes” on them (sticky notes like to “stick” to scanners! and does not scan very well!), etc. Some people, even after scanning their documents, are afraid to destroy the original paper in case there is ever a problem and keep the paper in archives, thus still keeping the physical documents!

5. The final option, another cool method : ) is INDEX it! The Paper Tiger software is a very powerful, yet simple indexing system for the hanging files in your office. It works like a search engine for your paper files! It is a very simple, yet powerful concept. Keep your paper in its original form (you do not have to scan it) and use the power of the computer to quickly and easily find/share the information when you need it. This is the best of both worlds and it is why tens of thousands of companies around the world are using the product. You get all of the best things from the computer but do not have the problems of using a scanner. The software keeps from having duplicate files, files can easily be cross-referenced, and helps with staff productivity. In addition, if you have staff turnover and should lose your administrator – who would really know how everything is filed? By using The Paper Tiger software, your business will have a powerful index of all its paper document resources, and anyone can conduct a search to find a file.

Filing is a difficult, but necessary, task and making it FUN! (okay, well almost fun), is really important so that you will stay on top of it and streamline your office.

The Paper Tiger Filing software is not only a filing system for your papers, but a finding system that can be used for so many other things for which you want to keep track. See blog post link for The Many Uses of The Paper Tiger.

Be sure and see the new What is The Paper Tiger? video.

The Monticello Corporation, makers of The Paper Tiger software, has been the industry leader in paper management software for 14 years. We are offering one free copy of The Paper Tiger Professional edition to Professional Organizers and Virtual Assistants. Please contact us at or 866 701-1561, extension 1 to receive your free copy.

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  1. Thank you so much for my free copy of The Paper Tiger! I’ve seen it in action, but have never had the chance to try it myself. My paper files are in pretty good shape so I don’t know whether I’ll take the time to “paper tiger” them, but I love the idea of using the system to organize our CD collection!

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