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Recording: September 22 Paper Tiger-Digital Tiger Webinar

Strategize & Organize, Productivity Expert

In this webinar, Anne McGurty, productivity expert of Strategize and Organize, presented an overview in how to manage your digital and paper filing, giving statistics and showing problems that people have in finding their information, whether it be digital files or paper/physical items. Anne describes how Digital Tiger, powered by Google Docs, will work and, using just one search to Find Anything In Your Office In 5 Seconds or Less…Guaranteed!

We also showed screencasts for connecting Paper Tiger Online to Google Docs thereby activating Digital Tiger, in addition to scanning with the ScanSnap 1500M, how quick and easy it is to scan and upload to Google Docs.

As information, Anne is a professional speaker, productivity expert, and author. If you want to learn more about Anne and her services, please visit her website at  She may be in Colorado, but she’s nationally recognized as an expert and works with people throughout the US in person and virtually.

See more information here on Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management

You can contact Anne at or by phone at 303 881-0174.

Filing System Q&A from the Webinar

Q: I am wondering about originals. If I scan a reciept will that be accepted as original or do I need to retain the original also
A: Yes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been accepting digitized or scanned versions of paper documents since 1997 in lieu of paper documents. Please see our knowledge base article at Does the IRS accept digitized or scanned versions of my documents instead of paper documents? for more information.

Q: I want to make sure I can use Paper Tiger Online because I ordered a Fujitsu scanner in order to do so
A: You can use Paper Tiger Online with or without a scanner, whether it be Fujitsu or other brand of scanner, since Paper Tiger is an indexing system in which you type in information regarding your paper files and other physical items. If you have a Paper Tiger Online account you should be able to use Digital Tiger when it is available. Again, at first the Basic and Pro plans will allow you to activate Digital Tiger to your Google Docs account. You can go ahead and put your documents in Google Docs to be ready for when Digital Tiger is available.

Q: If my Paper Tiger account is not registered through my gmail email address, can I still link it to Google Docs?
A: When Digital Tiger is available, you will be able to connect Paper Tiger Online to your Google account, thereby activating Digital Tiger. This will be available in the Basic and Pro plans at first, and we hope to have available for multi users soon thereafter. It does not matter what email address you have on your Paper Tiger Online account, so it can be different than your Gmail or Google account.

Q: What about other Microsoft products?  Do I need to convert to Google Docs?
A: We will only be able to connect to Google apps, since Microsoft does not currently allow an API to allow us to work with their software.

Q: Does this work with my Outlook emails or do I need to use Google email to have it work?
A: At first, Digital Tiger will only work with Google Docs. We will be adding Gmail and Gcalendar in the future. I believe Anne will address later in the presentation about syncing Outlook with Gmail. We do not currently have plans to connect Digital Tiger with Outlook.

Q: Which plan is necessary to get Digital Tiger?
A: Basic or Pro plan will have Digital Tiger available as soon as it is out of Beta testing.

Q: Can I backup the digital documents into my computer or portable hard drives for my records?
A: Yes, you can either create or scan your digital documents onto your hard drive first, then upload the files or folders to Google Docs. Or you can create or scan your digital documents directly in Google Docs, then backup your Google Docs to your local or external hard drive.

Q: Please present how to scan directly to Google Docs.
A: See our blog post regarding How to Get Started With Digital Tiger for a Paper and Digital Filing Solution. The second video in this article shows how to scan directly to Google Docs. Please note that this video shows the Mac version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500M and the feature that this scanner provides.

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