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Recording: July 13 Paper Tiger-Digital Tiger Webinar

Strategize & Organize, Productivity Expert

In this webinar, Anne McGurty, productivity expert of Strategize and Organize, presented an overview in how to manage your digital and paper worlds, giving statistics and showing problems that people have in finding their information, whether it be digital or paper/physical items. Anne demonstrates how to upload files to Google Docs, and how Digital Tiger, powered by Google Docs, will work and, using just one search to Find Anything In Your Office In 5 Seconds or Less…Guaranteed! (Digital Tiger Beta testing to begin soon)

As information, Anne is a professional speaker, productivity expert, and author. If you want to learn more about Anne and her services, please visit her website at  She may be in Colorado, but she’s nationally recognized as an expert and works with people throughout the US in person and virtually.

See more information here on Paper Tiger Filing System Software for Document Management

You can contact Anne at or by phone at 303 881-0174.

Filing System Q&A from the Webinar

Q: Can it find documents on my hard disk also?
A: Digital Tiger will not find documents on your hard disk. Digital Tiger will only find documents that you’ve converted to Google Docs.

Q: Can you link to more than one Google Docs account?
A: No, you will only be able to link to one Google Docs account.

Q: Does the Google Cloud Connect work with Mac too?
A: No, Google Cloud Connect does not work with Mac. We are investigating to find a recommendation for Mac users.

Q: What was the name of the scanning app?
A: The scanner we are recommending is Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500. We have tested a lot of scanners and the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 is the best we’ve seen to date.

Q: Where were the documents?
A: In this webinar, Anne demonstrated how to upload your documents to Google Docs from wherever they are: on your hard-drive or flash-drive or from a CD, etc.

Q: Will this work with a Google Apps account as well as a Google Gmail account?
A: Yes

Q: How much space does it take to pdf and e-file 1 bankers box of files? How much does the space cost?
A: The first part of this question is almost impossible to answer because it depends on a number of factors, such as, are the documents being scanned text only, or do they contain a lot of images, dpi of the scanner (density of the scan), etc.

As far as online space cost, See Google’s Digital Storage Prices

Q: My biggest question is if you will have the capacity to import information into the system.  We’ve got too many to manually enter
A: Digital Tiger will only connect to Google Drive, so Digital Tiger does not actually import or store your data. You will be uploading and converting your documents to Google Drive through a Gmail or Google Mail account.

Q: Please address back-up. I’ve had my 2nd hard drive failure in 3 years. I use Mozy back up.
A: Anne loves and uses Mozy, and believes it to be a good product. We have also researched Backupify, which allows automatic backups from Google apps. We recommend you have redundancy in your back up procedures.

Q: What does Paper Tiger have to do with Google Drive?
A: Paper Tiger Online will be able to hook into your Google Drive available through your Gmail account, which will allow you to search all of your files that you’ve uploaded and converted to Google docs. This will give you one place to search for both your paper (physical items) and your digital files. When you connect Paper Tiger Online to Google Drive, you will activate the digital search function Digital Tiger.

Q: Is Google a secure enough site for my personal information if I were to upload personal documents?
A: Yes, Google provides SSL for a secure log in and to ensure all information gets to and from servers safely and securely. Below is additional information from Google’s website regarding security and privacy:

“Information security is a top priority at Google, and we employ dedicated teams with experts in their fields to handle these important areas. Your files are, by default, set to private, but you can choose to publish them to the Web or invite collaborators or viewers. Your files will not appear in Google Web Search results, but published files may appear in other search engines.

If you are working in a Google Apps domain, your files are, by default, set to your domain’s default setting. This setting might not be private, but you can make your docs private when you create or upload a doc or file. Additionally, to help keep your data private, it’s important to have a strong password, to not share that password with others, and to understand the sharing options in Google Drive.”

Below is a concluding statement issued by Google in their Google Apps security whitepaper which is found at in case you need more information:

“Google is committed to keeping the information stored on its computer systems safe and secure. Each of the ten components of Google’s multi-layered security strategy is endorsed and defended throughout the organization. Google Apps provides controls at each level of data storage, access, and transfer. Millions of organizations, including Google, run their businesses on Google Apps, and Google invests in that trust every day. With Google Apps, users can rest assured that Google values the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.”

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