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Paperwork + Down syndrome + The Paper Tiger = No Problem!

Three years ago, my life changed with the words “Your baby is beautiful, and she is perfect, and we are quite sure she has Down syndrome.”

The months following Violette’s birth are something of a blur of Doctors appointments, therapy appointments, loving, caring and feeding the baby and my other two children, working full time, and researching about Down syndrome. As I tried to learn more about Down syndrome, I also became more active in our Down syndrome association, serving on the board of advisors, attending educational events and becoming active in online communities.

Earlier this summer, in an attempt to get our lives more organized, I was introduced to the Paper Tiger. After I was introduced to the system, I realized that I finally had found a means of managing all of my day to day paperwork. I also quickly came to the conclusion that the Paper Tiger would be a brilliant way to manage the myriad of details about my daughter and Down syndrome. I have since set up a location in the Paper Tiger system devoted entirely to my collection of all things related to Down syndrome and my daughter’s health and well being.

Day to day life with my beautiful little girl is a joy! Knowing EXACTLY where I have important papers that I need to help her are located, has been such a relief. After using this system for a few months, I can say with a great deal of confidence that any parent with a child with special needs would benefit from the Paper Tiger, and I recommend it to my friends with children with Down syndrome!

Melissa Skavlem

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