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Digital Tiger for a Paper and Digital Filing System

Since 1998, Paper Tiger has been helping tens of thousands of businesses, professionals and individuals simplify their organizational and hanging file systems. Prior to Paper Tiger, there were only five possible solutions to dealing with the world of paper management. First, let’s take a quick look at those.

  1. The Trash or Recycling Bin – Most people would still like to be able to eliminate paper from their life and be able to let it all go by tossing it somewhere and making it simply go away. That might be fine, as long as all that data could be tracked down later somewhere online.
  2. Stacking Paper – This keeps everything close at hand but fills up those “in” and “out” boxes so quickly. Then you divide the in-box into stacks, and the stacks begin to build on your desk and other surfaces in your office. Also, how can you ever really find what you are looking for? Time-consuming searches through piles of paper everyday and sometimes several times a day, is just not productive. This is more of a temporary solution than an actual filing system. And one that simply cannot be a viable solution if the paper files need to be accessed by others in the office.
  3. Alphabetizing – This one can work, but certainly has flaws. For one thing, how will everyone know what exactly you filed something under? Honestly, you may not even recall if you put something under “car insurance” or “auto insurance.” Plus, if you run out of space in a drawer for one letter, it means physically moving everything to another drawer to adapt. And, that’s just to name a few of the downfalls with alphabetizing.
  4. Scanning – Finally, a more modern, streamlined way to deal with your paper. There are, of course, still imperfections with this system, too. Consider the time it takes or that dealing with papers that have sticky notes or are bound. Depending on your digital file storage location — on your hard-drive or CDs or external hard-drive, data could be wiped out. Then do you have a way to search for your digital files?
  5. Indexing – Using Paper Tiger Filing System software, you keep your originals, but have a better system to help find where everything is located and filed away. Basically, if it can be numbered, it can be documented in Paper Tiger, whether it be your paper files to be stored in your filing cabinets or if it is your books that you want to index to be able to find easily later.

So, it’s exciting to think about what that could mean for the introduction of options such as Digital Tiger. This system will enable users to “Find Anything in Your Office in Five Seconds or Less… Guaranteed.” And, imagine being able to access your information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

With Digital Tiger, you can index your paper files that you need to keep in hard copy format into Paper Tiger Online, and scan your paper files that you no longer need in hard copy format, then upload the PDF to Google Docs where it will be digitally stored, with other digital files you’ve uploaded, converted or created in Google Docs format — all in an affordable and efficient Gmail Google Docs digital filing cloud storage account.

Digital Tiger, powered by Google Docs, is designed to work seamlessly with Paper Tiger Online, and is now available in Basic and Pro accounts. Paper Tiger Online will now connect to your Google account, making it Digital Tiger so that you can find all of your information with just one search — your digital files that are stored in Google Docs, and your paper and other physical items indexed in Paper Tiger.

We have put together two new Digital Tiger training screen casts. These will help you easily learn how to set up and start using the new Digital Tiger. See our Getting Started with Digital Tiger for a Paper and Digital Filing System for instructions and to review these new screen casts.

Don’t forget to let us know about your initial experience connecting to and using Digital Tiger by completing the survey.

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