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Customize Your Filing System with Paper Tiger’s Indexing Method

Paper Tiger Filing System software is an indexing system for your physical files that has a powerful and easy-to-use search engine built into the database so that lost information is virtually eliminated in your office. You would simply type the information into the database relating to your physical files. Keep your paper in its original [...]

What is a Location in Paper Tiger?

In Paper Tiger Document Management Software and Filing System, a Location relates to where you will store your physical items (paper files, books, CDs, DVDs, storage boxes, etc.) A Location can be named anything you want – however you relate to what you are indexing, i.e., Office files, Home files, Action files, Reference files, House, [...]

Managing Your Database in The Paper Tiger Document Management and Filing System Software

This section describes the options on the File menu and how you use them to maintain your filing system database. To access a menu option, select File from the main toolbar. Then select the menu option. Creating a New Database You may wish to create a new database to keep files separate. For example, you [...]

Selecting Action Dates in The Paper Tiger Document Management and Filing System Software

(Professional & Network Edition Only) When you are entering new items into your Paper Tiger document management and filing system, you can select an action date for the item from the pop-up calendar. The Paper Tiger will then remind you of upcoming action dates by listing them in the Reminders List in the Browser window [...]

The Paper Tiger 4.1.24 has been released!

Here at The Paper Tiger HQ we have been hard at work making your experience with The Paper Tiger a more pleasurable one. We have a lot of great ideas coming! After much work, we are ready to release The Paper Tiger 4.1.24, which has many improvements, bug fixes, and compatibility with the new Windows [...]

Identify locations for your document management and filing system

Before you begin using The Paper Tiger document management software and filing system, you need to identify the locations of your physical files. Follow these three simple steps: Establish an accessible location for your Action Files. Establish a location for your Reference Files. Place your In Box, Out Box, and To File Box close by. [...]

Printing Report in The Paper Tiger

Setting Up Your Printer You must set up your printer to work with Paper Tiger document management software and filing system before you can print labels and reports.  Select Printer Setup from the File menu, then select the printer you wish to use. Printing Reports When you run a report, you have the option of [...]

To Toss or Not To Toss? … that is the question!

Are you trying to go paperless? How is your document management system working? To help you determine which papers to toss, consider the following questions, then use The Paper Tiger to keep your filing organized so you can find it later: Does this piece of paper require any action? Is it recent enough to be [...]

Alphabetic Method for Paper Tiger Desktop Version

If You Prefer the Alphabet… If you like the idea of using The Paper Tiger document management software, but find the concept of indexing or numbering your paper files impractical — or even frightening — fear not! You can use the filing system software and stay with the age-old alphabetic method of filing. You can [...]


Use a Category in Paper Tiger Document Management Software and Filing System when you want to group files together for a specific purpose within a Location, such as clients, tax info, financial info, purchases, medical info, human resources, marketing, training, personal, etc. “Category” is a word or words you may use to classify groups of [...]

Location capacity

Make sure you always keep your physical files in sync with The Paper Tiger. When you increase the Capacity of a Location, print the corresponding number of new tabs or labels to match. Then go ahead and insert the tabs or labels into hanging folders and put in your filing cabinet so they will be [...]

Getting Started with Paper Tiger Filing System Software

Welcome to Paper Tiger document management and filing system software — the software designed to help you organize the paper in your life, but also help you get organized in other areas as well, such as books, CDs, DVDs, storage boxes, etc. You will find our approach to dealing with paper not only easier than [...]

A guide to converting to The Paper Tiger

The time it takes to convert your piles and files is justified! Does converting your files to ‘The Paper Tiger way’ seem overwhelming? Do you have an office full of stacks and stacks of paper to be filed and lots of file drawers to convert? There is an investment of time to set up your [...]

Print a File Index of Your Files

It’s a good idea to print out a File List anytime you’ve made significant changes or additions to your Paper Tiger filing system. That way, if your computer is off or the power is out, you have a handy backup to see the contents of each file. Place a copy in front of each of [...]

More Videos added to the “Get Started Now!” Guide

We are on a roll here! Please enjoy 2 more videos of great learning material for your convenience. We cover how to use the Transfer Report function, as well as the Action Date feature in the Paper Tiger. Please let us know what else you’d like to see in our videos, we are all ears. [...]

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