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Now You Can Backup Your Google Docs to Your Local Drive!

Now you can backup your Google Docs to your local drive!

You can use the awesome power and convenience of Google Docs to store all of your digital files in the cloud and still have the piece of mind of having a synced copy of your files on your local hard drive!

Paper Tiger Online and Digital Tiger using Google Docs is the least expensive way to move into a document management system. Digital Tiger is an enhancement to Paper Tiger Online, that connects Paper Tiger to Google Docs, to be able to search just one place to find both their physical paper files and their digital files.

Customers can begin moving to a more paperless environment by using their Fujitsu ScanSnap software or another scanner, if they prefer, to convert their physical paper into pdf format.  The combination of Google Docs and Digital Tiger make this possible at a very low cost.  In this economy, many businesses are trying to find ways to be more efficient and save money.

Our Paper Tiger Online and Digital Tiger customers are looking for a way to make a backup copy of all their data stored in Google Docs to their local drive for safekeeping and piece of mind.  Local digital file storage is becoming very cheap with 3 TB (yes terabytes) drives selling on Amazon for as low as $123.99* recently.

Mac Users…

We have now discovered a great tool to do this for Mac users.  The product is called CloudPull, by Golden Hill Software, $24.99* per user license.  It was listed this month in Macworld Magazine as one of the “49 Top Mac Apps”.  Piece of mind for $24.99 — you cannot beat that!

Windows Users…

Windows users also have a great tool to backup all of their files to their local hard drive.  The product is called Syncdocs, by Doc Freedom, $19.95* per year.  You can rest easy at night having your data in the Google Cloud and another copy safely stored on your local hard drive.  Syncdocs will take care of this chore for you automatically at a very low price indeed!


In addition, with GDocsDrive, made by Cloud Drive Team, users can view their Google Docs files and collections on their local Windows computer. GDocsDrive is just $19.99* for a license and that includes future updates. You will enjoy having the convenience of using Google Docs either in the cloud or on your local Windows computer.  GDocsDrive is a very useful addition to your Google world at a price that is quite affordable – basically a client tool for Google Docs!

*Pricing subject to change on these recommended software.

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3 Responses to “Now You Can Backup Your Google Docs to Your Local Drive!”

  1. [...] Q: Can I backup the digital documents into my computer or portable hard drives for my records? A: Yes, you can either create or scan your digital documents onto your hard drive first, then upload the files or folders to Google Docs. Or you can create or scan your digital documents directly in Google Docs, then backup your Google Docs to your local or external hard drive. [...]

  2. What great news! Thanks for explaining it for Mac and Windows. Some of us use both!

  3. Janet Baker says:

    Thanks! Yes we use both as well, here at our Paper Tiger office, and enjoy using Google Docs to collaborate. In addition, it is always best practice to back up no matter what tool you’re using.

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