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Alphabetic Method for Paper Tiger Online

If You Prefer the Alphabet…

If you like the idea of using Paper Tiger Document Management Software and Filing System, but find the concept of numbers impractical — or even frightening — fear not! You can use the software and stay with the age-old alphabetic method of filing. You can still have the advantage of automatic cross-referencing, search your files to find a particular item.

You may have a situation where you want some locations with random numbers and others in a particular alphabetical or numerical order. That’s not a problem!

If you want all your locations in alphabetical order, simply ignore the Item number column, and simply resort the Location.

When you place the cursor on Item Name, a pointer will appear. Click once on the header, and the Item Names will appear in alphabetical order.

To add new files in alphabetical order, just enter the Item Name in any “open” field. Then use your cursor to resort your files in alphabetical order.

When you print out your Item List Report, just ignore the numbers. Should you later decide to use the random numbering system, you can just add the numbered file tab assigned by Paper Tiger Online to each file folder. You may choose to leave your text labels on as well.

Basically, you can continue to use the alphabetic method for filing, but by adding Paper Tiger software, you will be supercharging your work, making it much easier to find your information. When, and if, you become comfortable with the random nature of the Paper Tiger method, you can easily switch to it without losing any of your investment of time.

The best of both worlds!

PS: If you’re using Paper Tiger desktop version, see instructions here.

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