Signing up for Google Docs

Signing up

To sign up for Google Docs, just go to If you don't already have a Google Account, click Get Started to sign up for one.

Additional info on Google Accounts

A Google Account is made up of an email address and password of your choosing. If you already have a Gmail account, it comes with a built-in Google Account. Once you have a Google Account, just go to the Google Docs homepage and sign in.

The Google Account acts as a secure authentication method to keep your online accounts private while also allowing you to access numerous Google services with a single sign-in. Note that while it's possible to view a document, spreadsheet or presentation without a Google Account (via an invitation), you'll need to create a Google Account to edit the document, spreadsheet or presentation, and to continue accessing Google Docs.

While a Gmail Account is a Google Account, a Google Account is not necessarily a Gmail account.

Google Apps users, your administrator provisions accounts for your domain. In this case, you will access Google Docs using your Google Apps account at '', please be sure to replace '' with your domain name.

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