Quick Tip: Manually restructuring databases

Manually restructuring databases

If you are noticing item placement compatibility issues between your Paper Tiger database and your actual database, it is probably due to the fact that you may have erroneously inserted an item into a random location which forces the remainder of your reference location to be out of sync.

Here is a quick tip on how to manually sync your database to its proper form.

Our location of choice is named "Bottom Drawer" within the "Atlanta Office" database

1. Create a new location and name it "Bottom Drawer Temp"


2. Open the old location "Bottom Drawer"

3. Locate the first file that seems to be causing the reference incompatibility.


4. Select all the files prior to that and duplicate these files into "Bottom Drawer Temp"

i.e. If item 5 is the item that is causing our database to be off, Select items 1 - 4


6. Select all the files after the misplaced item and duplicate these files into "Bottom Drawer Temp" (Should be the remainder of the location)


8. Delete "Bottom Drawer"


9. Rename "Bottom Drawer Temp" to "Bottom Drawer"


Our newly manufactured location!


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