What Tabs or Labels Can I Print?

Print Tabs/Labels

With Paper Tiger, you can print labels to help organize and identify your physical locations by clicking on the Print Tabs/Labels tab within the Database.

Paper Tiger allows you to print AVERY labels and SELF CUT tabs:


  • 5160 (1 x 2 5/8) (address label size; 30 labels per sheet)
  • 5167, 5267 or 8167 (1/2 x 1 3/4) (return address label size and also the approximate size as our pre-printed perforated tabs; 80 labels per sheet)
  • 5366 or 8366 and other Avery numbers this same size (2/3 x 3 7/16; 30 per sheet)


  • These are made available so that if you do not have Avery labels, you can print tabs on printer paper, then cut out to place in the hanging folder insert tabs or on your other indexed items.

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