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Telesummit Series: Fire Up Your Biz-Enrich Your Life!

Our friend, Stephanie Calahan has pulled together some amazing, giving experts and together they are going to share all!

Visit Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life! to get signed up for free.  You can attend one session or all of them!

As an entrepreneur you need to confidently take your business to the next level… if you’re not, you may be going nowhere fast…  In fact if you are like 95% of business owners, you are already there…in the area of a million ideas and nothing getting done.  Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life was created to help you weed through all of that.  Say “YES” to getting the right systems and processes in place so that your business can thrive.  Say “YES” to getting your message out in a big way and you’re ideal clients say yes to investing in themselves and get great results because they worked with you.  Say YES to weeding out all the distractions, fears and other things holding you back so that your business can take root and deliver back to you the benefits that you want from it!  The sessions are free and value packed. Sign up today to Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life!

If you’re like many business owners, you know a ton of stuff about the field you’re in. You’re a hard worker.  You have tried a number of things to manage your time, space and information, but systems and processes just don’t stick.

Why is it when it comes to staying focused and getting things done, you feel like a failure?  It’s not true, of course, but it can feel that way.

As entrepreneurs, we can be fun, dynamic, creative, inventive, expansive thinkers, out-of-the-box thinkers, quick-think-on-your-feet thinkers, adaptable, sensitive, and frequently have above-average intelligence.

We can also experience what can seem like odd paradoxes in behavior:

- Easily distracted one day and hyper focused the next
- Unaware of details one day and compulsive about details the next
- Assertive and demanding one day and then passive the next
- Amazingly forgetful sometimes and memory for the most minute detail the next
- Very unorganized in some aspects of life but extremely organized with elaborate systems in another aspect.
- Desiring structure but rebelling against it or abandoning structure
- Risk taker that can be stopped by endless “what-if”scenarios
- Even an Outgoing Introvert

You can’t get there alone. In fact, you can’t get very far at all.
~ Keith Ferrazzi – author of Never Eat Alone

Does that feel familiar?  If so, I invite you to join Stephanie and the expert line-up to Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life!

Get focused and TAKE ACTION!

Do you wish you had a business consultant right by your side helping you make the hundreds of critical decisions that you are faced with daily?  Have you looked at other successful business owners and wondered how they were able to figure it out?  Now you can find out!

We’re going to share all of the secrets that you need to get your business — and your life — on track. Get the benefit of advice, brainstorms and business shortcuts from global business consultants/coaches, who are bringing their ‘best game’ to the table.

FireUpBiz Session Titles, Experts and Scheduled Dates

Here are the 20 confirmed sessions, but there are more in the works!
NOTE: dates/times subject to change. Please register to receive updates on changes.

Depressing Desks and Psychic Debris: Cleaning up the Work Space by De-cluttering the Head Trash
(Regina Lark – – 01/18 @ 11AM CST)

Cluttered minds and cluttered closets weigh us down, thwart productivity, and make it difficult to move forward with ease and a sense of clarity. Negative thinking blocks the light of positivity, and overwhelmed spaces block us from the simplistic life.   The clutter and chaos of this “psychic debris” often reflects the clutter and chaos of our living spaces, but just how do we clear the debris?  Join me in listening in to Regina Lark and Stephanie Calahan present Depressing Desks and Psychic Debris: Cleaning up the Work Space by De-cluttering the Head Trash.

Unlock the Secret to Achieving Your Profit Goals
(Nicole Fende 01/19 @ 11AM CST)

Join Numbers Whisperer Nicole Fende, and her trusty companion Fluffy the Finance Feline, for a session that is sure to super charge your profits.  You will learn a simple exercise that uses only 4 numbers to boost your bottom line.  Stephanie Calahan will be talking with Nicole as she shares the same strategies she uses for her profit coaching clients to help them reach multi-platinum profits.

Mindset Matters: Secrets to a Powerful Mindset
(Des Gray 01/19 @ 7PM CST)

Behind every achievement, every action, every communication and every stress point – there hides a mindset. If you want to get more, do more and ‘be more’ – you need to know what’s under the hood, and more importantly, how to drive it. Des Gray and Stephanie Calahan will help you discover insights that will open new doors and opportunities.

We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This: How to Run Meetings that Actually Get Things Done
(Debbie Rosemont 01/25 @ 11AM CST)

Meetings are a critical activity yet people complain that meeting are boring, unproductive and a waste of time and money. Time, energy and money invested are too valuable to waste. Listen in on this session as Stephanie Calahan talks with Debbie Rosemont to discuss how to eradicate bad meeting habits and replace them with good!

Get the Right Support for Your Business, Inside and Out
(Marcia Hoeck 01/26 @ 11AM CST)

In order to be excellent at the things you and only you can do, you need the right support from people, both inside and outside your company. It’s difficult going out and slaying the dragons every day, and without the right people around you, it will be a lot harder.  Join Marcia Hock and Stephanie Calahan as they uncover how to get the right team in place and make them thrilled to thrill you.

Get Time and Tasks Managed Quickly
(Michelle Panzlaff 01/26 @ 7PM CST)

Do you have a pile of to-dos on your desk? Will one more sticky note completely cover your monitor? Mastering how to get things done without guilt and without costly rework is critical to moving your business forward.  Join Stephanie Calahan as she talks with Michelle Panzlaff to learn how.

Conquering Your Fear with a Knockout Punch
(Dr. Shannon Reece 02/1 @ 11AM CST)

To succeed in the competitive world of business you must learn the right skills to combat the enemy within. The truth is that everyone experiences fear. Knowing how to deal with it, and defeat it is the difference between average and excellence in business. Discover how to change your fear from a liability into an asset.  Stephanie Calahan will be talking with Dr. Shannon Reece to help you uncover and eliminate the fears that are holding you back.

The 3 Surprising Keys that Open the Door to Small Business Abundance
(Andrea Feinberg 02/02 11AM CST)

A recent survey of 3000 small business owners revealed a shocker: 91% believe the dream life they imagined when they first started in business will never be real. Well, it can be but it takes a massive rejection of the conventional route to business success. In this conversation, long-time business owner and coach to business owners Andrea Feinberg will talk with Stephanie Calahan and share 3 critical mind sets that must be in place if you want a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, whether you’re there or not, and allows you to focus on building all your tomorrows; this is life on your terms.

A Busy Family’s Guide to Getting Organized So You Can Live Your Best Life and Still Enjoy Your Family
(Ellen Delap http://EllenDelapProfessionalOrganizer 02/02 7PM CST)

It’s 5pm… no dinner on the stove but laundry is in the living room and your kids are nowhere to be seen! Join Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Family Manager Coach Ellen Delap as she is interviewed by Stephanie Calahan to learn how to pull it all together: your family, your time and the rest of the stuff too!

From Procrastination to DONE!
(Carrie Greene 02/08 11AM CST)

95% of the population is prone to procrastination AND 25% are chronic procrastinators. Procrastination is more than just annoying. Procrastination leads to loss of money, time and energy. Procrastination leads to overwhelm and stress. It’s time to stop putting off till tomorrow what you can get paid for today!  Listen as Stephanie Calahan talks with Carrie Greene on how to go from procrastination to done!

5 Keys to Social Media Success: Do it Right, Stop Wasting Time and Get Results!
(Janet Slack 02/09 11AM CST)

Social media is the most powerful new marketing tool in decades and you owe it to your business to have a true understanding of how it works. It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty on social media and find out how to use it effectively to grow your business.  There are lots of myths and misconceptions about social media marketing and it is time to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. Learn what you need to do BEFORE you begin and how to maximize your use of your time on the sites. Whether you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+, you’ll want to join Stephanie Calahan and Janet Slack as Janet shares tried and true ideas on how to leverage these hugely powerful tools to benefit your business. You won’t want to miss this session – we are going straight to the heart of the matter – with a focus on specific strategies to make you successful.

How to Overcome your Mental Money Barriers, and Break Free to Success
(Georgina Sweeney 02/09 7PM CST)

Join Stephanie Calahan as she talks with Georgina Sweeney about How to Overcome your Mental Money Barriers, and Break Free to Success.  In Georgina’s exciting breakthrough session, not only will you learn new ways of thinking that you can apply immediately in your business to achieve greater success, you’ll also experience mindset shifts right on the call!  Georgina will share  the strategies and exact same thinking that she used to take her business from nearly standstill to over $100,000 in less than four months – without a website, a list or even business cards!  This and more awaits you!

Networking for Success
(Heather Townsend 02/15 11AM CST)

The strength of your network can literally mean the difference between success and failure. Get your networking right and the business will start pouring in. Get it wrong and it just becomes a demoralising time-consuming activity. The rules of the networking game have been changed by the social networking – have you adapted your networking strategy to harness the power of on-line AND offline networking? In this session, Stephanie Calahan will talk with Heather Townsend as she explains how she managed to grow a six figure business (and secure a lucrative book deal in the process), by building a powerful network – without any prior sales or marketing experience.

Top Tech Tools for Busy Business Owners
(Brandie Kajino 02/15 7PM CST)

So many choices! If you are like me, you know you need tools in order to get the important things done in your business. Too many choices, not sure how to decide and fearful of choosing the wrong tool? It can be a bit frustrating and overwhelming! Join Stephanie Calahan as she “gets the goods” from Brandie Kajino talking about Top Tech Tools for Busy Business Owners.  Feel empowered by the new technology rather than confused & feeling like pulling your hair out!  Don’t miss the 10 essential tools you might not be able to live without!

Conquer Email Overload
(Stephanie Shalofsky 02/16 11AM CST)

How often have you started your day by checking email only to find that two hours later you are still checking email? It’s time to take charge of your email so that you’ll have more time in your day. Stephanie Calahan will be talking with Stephanie Shalofsky to uncover the juicy details of email management.  By the end of this session you will have a list of email strategies and tips that you can start applying immediately.

Passion Management: How to Juggle/Prioritize all of the Passions We Have
(Lisa Montanaro 02/16 7PM CST)

Do you have more than one passion and get overwhelmed with trying to decide which to do and which to implement? In this session Stephanie Calahan and Lisa Montanaro will take a look at “Passion Management” and how to manage all of the passions that you want to tackle in your business and life.

Five Secrets to Streamline Your Work Flow
(Miriam Ortiz y Pino 02/22 11AM CST)

Listen in as Stephanie Calahan interviews Miriam Ortiz y Pino about the Five Secrets to Streamline Your Work Flow.  Discover how to clear space to create and support for your ideas to flourish, so you feel energized and essential.  Learn why workflows increase the appraised value of your business and how to save over 6 weeks a year, so that you can do those things you have been putting off.

When Life Interferes: Making it through Life’s Transitions as a Business Owner
(Sue West  02/23 11AM CST)

Changes interrupt life. Big life changes need our attention, yet so does our business. Join Stephanie Calahan as she and Sue West, Certified Organizer Coach® discuss time strategies, work strategies and home management strategies to get you through the life change.

TiME Strategies for the Busy Entrepreneur
(Allyson Lewis 02/23 7PM CST)

TiME™ STRATEGIES for the Busy Entrepreneur offers proven concrete steps for prioritizing, organizing and simplifying your work in today’s over stimulated and interrupted life. This interactive session with Stephanie Calahan and Allyson Lewis provides an extensive step-by-step program with strategies for achieving results in today’s work place by offering the fundamentals for radical change.

Solopreneur Motivation Secrets: Create the Work Environment and Results You Want
(Elaine Quinn 02/29 11AM CST)

Working from home isn’t for everybody. There are unique challenges that face almost all solopreneurs. Among the most uncomfortable are the lack of structure, systems and support. However, with a little mindset adjustment it’s possible to stay motivated and productive.  Join Stephanie Calahan as she talks with Elaine Quin about Soloprener Motivation Secrets: Create the Work Environment and Results You Want.

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